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Three Rooms Press is a fiercely independent NYC-based press seeking exciting and diverse new projects. Our commitment to excellence has led us to work on such projects as:

  • A series of anthologies for Hugo & Nebula award-winning science-fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg (Time and Time Again, This Way to the End Times)
  • William Least Heat-Moon's critically-acclaimed first work of fiction, Celestial Mechanics
  • Award-winning LGBTQ Young Adult and coming-of-age novels including Julia Watts' Quiver, Aaron Hamburger's Nirvana Is Here, Aimee Herman's Everything Grows, and Meagan Brothers's Weird Girl and What's His Name.

This commitment has also led to amazing projects such as:

  • 2018 Anthony award-winning title for Best Anthology The Obama Inheritance, edited by Gary Phillips with contributors such as Walter Mosley
  • Runaway hit Punk Avenue: Inside the New York City Underground, 1972-1982, by Phil Marcade
  • The first full-length collection of poetry by Hala Alyan, Atrium, winner of the Arab-American Book of the Year for Poetry.

We also publish an annual, internationally-renowned journal of contemporary dada writing and art, MAINTENTANT. Submissions for the next issue, MAINTENANT 15 run from November 15, 2020 through February xx, 2020


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MAINTENANT 15 will feature work related to the theme of HUMANITY: THE REBOOT. 

If the early 20th-century Dadaist rebelled against everything that led up to the Great War, then today's Neo-Dadaist must riposte, “We will not return to normal.” With climate change, warmongering, and total inequality, pandemic, authoritarianism, and more–who needs to revive the same world?

Be inventive. Be satirical. Be absurd. Of course these are just words from our past as well. Take the first plunge with TO BE. And envisage how humanity can reboot its petty-grasping-self.

Like usual with a reboot, the computer comes back on and you are sitting in the same place and the computer screen looks exactly the same except for a notification stating that you shut down your machine because of a problem. Do you want to report this problem?  Well report the problem as a poem, or painting, or collage, or word art, or photo. You are the thinker in control.

Forget about the wounds that have healed.  Perhaps Dada will reboot as AdAd? How do we circumvent the new normal that arises before its’s begun? Through the creative process.

All of our titles are distributed by PGW / Ingram to bookstores, libraries, universities and other institutions, and online, both domestically and internationally.

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